About serko.travel

serko.travel is a completely new travel management application that will streamline every aspect of business travel.

Available on mobile and web, the app is designed to give smaller businesses based in Australia and New Zealand a simple, quick and easy way to manage their business travel. It simplifies every step of the process from booking a trip through to managing a change and reconciling invoices. It’s a complete corporate travel management solution, without the corporate set up complexities or price tag.

The app brings together all of the major travel suppliers in the region and allows users to book and manage entire business trips, in one place - saving hundreds of admin hours every year.

Administrators can easily set up rules to control who can book what, manage credit cards and set up an approval workflow to improve visibility into what’s being booked (before it’s being spent) and reduce the overall cost of business travel.

serko.travel integrates seamlessly with Xero, so that credit card purchases are automatically matched up with the relevant credit card transactions flowing into Xero. With automatic reconcilliation of invoices there’s less work for accountants, which helps to drive further savings.

With no contracts or commitments and most importantly, no booking or change fees to worry about, serko.travel is a ‘no-brainer’ for businesses with up to 150 employees, particularly those that use Xero. There’s also a panel of Travel Experts available to help with queries during the booking process or when out on the road. Travel Experts reserve the right to charge for their service, but you only pay if you use them. Just knowing that someone is at the other end of the phone (that really knows what they’re talking about), is something a lot of smaller businesses who book direct, have been missing out on for far too long.

serko.travel gets better the more people use it. Not only do the recommendations get better the more the app knows about individuals, but the prices on offer will get better over time as serko.travel uses the buying power of all the people using the app, to negotiate more competitive rates on common routes and at popular hotels. So there’s a real incentive for everyone to get on board.

There's no contract, no online booking fees, and every reason to try it. 

While serko.travel is new, the technology behind it is already proven and trusted 

serko.travel is brought to you by Serko, Australasia’s largest online corporate travel and expense management provider. 

Serko is listed on the NZX and provides travel booking services to most of Australasia's largest organisations. The company has been around since 2007 helping corporates reduce their travel spend by many millions of dollars. serko.travel gives smaller businesses access to a simplified version of the technology used by corporates, helping to level a playing field that's been skewed towards the big guys for too long.

How can we help you?

Do you have a Travel related question?

If your question relates to travel then you need to contact your Travel Expert.

New Zealand
Flight Centre Business Travel  

Tel: +64 9 358 7907

helloworld for business - Powered by APX Travel Management

Tel: 0800 HELLOSME (0800 435 567)
From outside NZ Tel: +64 9 306 6167

Flight Centre Business Travel

Tel: +61 8 8213 8020

helloworld for business - Powered by Goldman Travel Corporation

Tel: +61 2 8333 7700

If you don't know who your Travel Expert is, then you can do one of the following:

a. Open the serko.travel mobile app and select 'call Travel Expert' from the main menu.

b. Find a travel related email (an itinerary or similar). Your Travel Expert's details are included at the bottom.

c. Contact your serko.travel company administrator and ask them - Travel Expert details are on the first page of the serko.travel dashboard.

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Do you have a Technical question?

If you are having a technical problem with the serko.travel app then please email support@serko.travel. Your email matters and we'll get back to you as soon as we can, hopefully within 24 hours. 

Note: please do NOT use this email address if your question relates to travel. Travel related questions need to be directed to your Travel Expert.

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