levels the playing field by giving smaller businesses access to the same technology and the same benefits that bigger businesses get. Plus... the more people that use, the better the deals get. 

Book and make changes online, anytime, for FREE

Booking direct with suppliers is a time consuming and painful process, particularly if you have to change. brings all of your go-to suppliers together into one place and lets you book wherever and whenever you like, for FREE.

  • Book and make changes online, anytime, anywhere - for FREE
  • Make bookings via mobile app or web app
  • Book for yourself or for others in your business (even guests)
  • Domestic and trans-Tasman trips
  • Book flights, hotels, car hire and airport transfers
  • Connected trip components for easy and quick changes
  • Ability to book complex trips with up to five stops via web app
  • All major airlines including Air New Zealand and Qantas, as well as low cost carriers
  • More than 12,000 hotels across Australasia from Expedia, and Wotif
  • Fly, Drive & Stay rates that access up to 50% off Expedia and Wotif hotel room rates
  • Ability to capture, store and re-claim unused ticket credits 

Make simple bookings and view your itinerary on your mobile

Travel is personal, so it makes sense that you should be able to do everything you need to do on your mobile, whenever and wherever you are. The app is all you need for a successful business trip.

  • Free to download iOS and Android apps 
  • Simple booking functionality for flights and hotels 
  • Ability to make changes to flights and hotels 
  • Predictive booking that learns your preferences 
  • Offline and online access to full travel itinerary
  • Alerts for gate changes, delays and cancellations
  • Real-time Travel Concierge that gives you the information you need, when you need it
  • Online check-in on Air New Zealand, Qantas, Virgin and Jetstar 
  • Unique Bag Locator functionality 

Easily see who is where in case of an emergency

Knowing where your people are, and looking after them when they're on the road makes good business sense. After all... people are the lifeblood of a business. gives you visibility of where all your travellers are, something that businesses need to consider given changes to Health & Safety laws.

  • View all current bookings through the web app
  • Permission based access to data
  • Improved compliance with Health & Safety regulations
  • Easier to locate staff in case of emergency

Get instant access to Travel Experts when you need help

Sometimes things go wrong, and when they do it's good to know that someone is on hand to help you out. gives you access to a Travel Expert who can make, change and cancel bookings, or give advice when you need it. The difference is that you only pay for their services when you use them. So you get all the benefits of having a Travel Agent, with none of the cost - until you need them.

  • 24x7 access to Travel Experts
  • Choice of three industry leading partners
  • 'Pay-as-you-use' charging model
  • Telephone and email support
  • Highly competitive rates for service
  • Peace of mind for people on the road

Control everything from the dashboard is much more than just a booking tool, it's a complete application that allows you to control and manage every aspect of your business's travel.

  • Easy to use administration dashboard
  • Used by anyone with Administrator role
  • Access to all controls and settings for
  • Easy to navigate and intuitive design
  • Quick access to web booking functionality
  • Can be accessed via mobile

Easy staff setup and simple role and profile management

Travel is personal and it's something that people should, with the right technology, be able to book and manage themselves. makes it really easy to give everyone in the business a user profile so they can use the technology themselves, saving the business hours of admin time every month - and seriously reducing the email war.

  • Manually create profiles on behalf of staff
  • Let staff create their own profiles
  • Upload an Excel spreadsheet for automatic creation of profiles
  • Create up to 150 profiles per company
  • Five different roles to allow granular control (see table)
  • Configuration for four Administrators per company
  • Option to book for one-off 'guest' travellers without profiles
  • Easy process to add and change roles, and delete profiles
  • Ability to add loyalty numbers at individual profile level for all major supplier programs

Set rules and approval workflow to control spend

Visibility and control are two of the key problems with business travel. Once it's booked it's often too late to change, and one things for certain... business trips change. makes it easy to control who can do what with some very simple rules. After all, no one likes bad surprises - particularly expensive ones.

  • Limit what type of hotels people can book
  • Set a maximum spend threshold on hotels
  • Turn on 'Instant Purchase' rates to access Fly, Drive & Stay rates
  • Use an approval workflow to stop nasty surprises happening

Pay for travel centrally or individually. It's up to you.

The vast majority of travel is purchased using a credit card, and makes it really easy by securely storing your credit cards online and allowing people to use them - without them having the physical card. Ease and control of payment is one of the key ways that helps to streamline the travel management process.

  • Store a central card that can be used by anyone (with permission)
  • Upload up to four cards centrally and specify how they are used (for Air, Hotel, Cars etc)
  • Allow users to store their own cards, or their own company cards against their specific profiles
  • Or, store no cards at all and simply key the card details in at the online checkout
  • Support for all major cards, including UATP
  • Full PCI compliance for secure card storage and peace of mind