Serko integrates Air New Zealand Taxis and GPU Chauffeurs to offer 'door-to-door' travel booking service

23 May 2016

16 November 2015: Serko Ltd (SKO.NZ) has integrated with Air New Zealand Taxis ( and Australian company, GPU Chauffeurs to give business travellers the ability to book their airport transfers at the same time as booking flights and accommodation in Serko Online. With the new capability, Serko now offers a fully managed ‘door-to-door’ travel booking experience that raises the bar for online travel booking tools.

Serko Chief Executive, Darrin Grafton, says “The ability for travellers to book their transfers at the same time as their flights and accommodation will improve the traveller experience as they no longer have to queue for taxis at busy airports and don’t have to think about payment or receipts.”

“With pre-booked transfers, a driver is waiting for you in the arrivals hall, which avoids the need to spend sometimes hours queuing for a taxi at Sydney airport at 8:00am on a Monday morning – something I’ve personally experienced on more than one occasion. And because transfers are pre-paid there are no receipts or payments to think about on the day, which streamlines the whole business travel experience,” says Grafton.

Once the traveller tells Serko Online where they live, Serko can figure out all transfer requirements automatically as it also knows what flights they are booked on and where they are staying during their trip. Multiple quotes are provided for every transfer, ensuring prices offered through Serko Online are competitive. Booked transfers are included in the traveller’s itinerary, which is visible through Serko Mobile as well as Serko Online. Transfers can be changed and/or cancelled quickly and easily online up to four hours before arrival.

Booking airport transfers through Serko Online allows organisations to better track and manage spend, as well as alleviate key traveller pain points like taxi queues and expense reconciliation. It also helps to support preferred supplier negotiations and reduce health and safety compliance risk.

Air New Zealand Taxis aggregates all of the major taxi companies throughout New Zealand, including Alert Taxis, Kiwi Cabs, Corporate Cabs, Capital Taxis and First Direct – amongst others. GPU Chauffeurs is an aggregator of Private Hire vehicles with coverage across every major city in Australia. GPU Chauffeurs’ services in Australia are exclusive to Serko Online users for the next 18 months.

Transfers in New Zealand are available to book in Serko Online now and transfers in Australia will be available from the end of November. Customers wanting to learn more should contact their Travel Management Company.


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About Serko

Serko is Australasia’s leading online travel booking and expense management company for businesses and is listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange Main Board (SKO.NZ). With its HQ in Auckland New Zealand, and with offices in Sydney Australia, Xi’an City China and Gurgaon, India, Serko employs more than 130 people worldwide.

Serko Online is an integrated Online Booking Tool used by administrators and travellers to book flights, accommodation and car hire from the broadest possible set of travel providers. The OBT ensures that travel bookings comply with corporate travel management policy without limiting the user’s choice of travel provider.

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