Don't leave home without them: Today's essential travel gadgets

27 June 2016

If you travel for business, you need the right tools to ensure that you’re as productive on the road as you are in the office. We look at some essential gadgets to ensure a seamless trip whether you’re waiting in airport lounges, rushing to meetings or even taking the opportunity to see some sights.

Find your luggage

There’s nothing worse than hunting for your luggage on a carousel in a busy airport, especially if your bag looks the same as everyone else’s. Business travellers who use Serko for their travel and expenses can pair a bag tag (using iBeacon technology) with the Serko Mobile app and track their bag to see if it has made it on the plane and again when it comes into range on the carousel on arrival. The app is available in the App Store and can track up to three tags at once.

RRP: $99 USD (approximately A$135 NZ$145) for a bundle of three, purchased in-app.

Available now for corporate users of Serko Online:

Coming soon to the app (for SMEs). 

Adapter for globetrotters

If you regularly travel to multiple countries, invest in a universal travel adapter that can work in a host of different locations. That way you won’t have a drawer full of different adapters at home and there’s no risk of grabbing the wrong one as you dash to the airport. This adapter from Kaver can be used in popular destinations like the UK, UAE, and many countries in Asia, North America and Europe.

RRP: A$50 NZ$54;

Portable power

There’s nothing worse then being in a foreign country when all your devices run out of power. You can’t call, email or even look up where you are. So if you’ve got back-to-back business meetings where you can’t get access to a power outlet, a portable battery such as the Cygnett ChargeUp Pro 11000mAH Powerbank will keep you in contact. This lightweight gadget has dual USB ports meaning you can charge two devices at the same time or just keep your smartphone powered up for days.

RRP: A$87 NZ$93;

Sounds of silence

Noise-cancelling headphones are a must on business trips. Whether it’s to drown out the incessant hum from the plane engines and hotel air-conditioning units or blocking out the crying baby or party in the hotel room next door, headphones such as the Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise-cancelling Headphones will save your sanity. They are also available for iPhone, Android and Samsung.

RRP: A$399 NZ$429;

Ahead of the pack

If you’re a shopaholic who loves picking up a few bargains, you may need extra space on the return home. To avoid buying another piece of luggage, these compression storage bags from Global Travel Products act like vacuum-sealed bags, without the need for a vacuum cleaner. They also condense pillows or can be used to separate wet clothes and dirty laundry. Being airtight, and with claims that they can save up to 75 per cent of packing space, you may even be able to squeeze all your clothes into your carry-on.

RRP: A$20 NZ$21, for a pack of three large bags;

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