Airline payment fees have changed

07 September 2016

On the 1st of September we said goodbye to Winter and hello to some changes in the way airlines calculate credit card fees. 

Airlines are now charging a percentage of the fare, with most adding this just before you pay. Because the fees are different for each airline, whenever possible, we include it in the fares we display so there are no surprises later on. This does mean that our fares sometimes look more expensive than the fares initially displayed on airline websites. 

So, what are they?

Qantas and Virgin Australia will now both charge 0.6% for debit cards and 1.3% for credit cards, with fees capped at $11.00 for domestic and trans-Tasman bookings, and $70.00 for International bookings. Jetstar will be charging 1.06% of the fare, regardless of if you use a credit card or UATP card. Rex charges 1% for most cards, with 3.27% for Amex and 2.52% for Diners.

If you are based in Australia you’ll now pay a 1.1% fee for credit cards or 0.75% for debit cards for Air New Zealand flights, however the fees for New Zealand remain a flat fee per person, per one-way journey. That is, $4.00 for flights within NZ, $6.00 for short haul flights (Australia, Pacific Islands), $12.00 to Bali and $17.50 for long haul international fares. There is no payment charge if you use the NZ Travelcard (UATP) so whilst this appears when you search in it won’t be charged.

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