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Why Accountants should be using or recommending to all their clients

If you're an Accountant or you are responsible for looking after the books for a small business, then you should make sure you and your clients use is a new travel management application for smaller business in Australia and New Zealand. In the same way that Xero or MYOB automates a lot of the accounting processes, automates a lot of the travel management processes. The app is completely free to use, integrates directly with Xero, helps save hundreds of admin hours every year and is ideal for all businesses with up to 150 employees.

  • automatically flows travel-booking related information into Xero and matches it to the credit card statement, making it really quick to reconcile credit card statements and get a better handle on travel spend
  • Helps to reduce the overall cost of travel by putting a pre-approval process in place and allowing the company to set up rules to control who can book what
  • Reduces the risk of non-compliance with the new Health and Safety legislation by ensuring that all travel bookings are controlled and visible
  • Saves everyone time - from the traveller, to the Office Manager, to the CEO/Owner, and of course you
  • Recommending or implementing will make you look great

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