The new travel management app for businesses going places.

No commitments. No online booking fees. Flights, hotels and cars all in one place.

animation The new travel management app

Why is a no-brainer for business owners

If travel is an important part of your business success, you need to know about - it's been designed specifically for you.

Whether you currently book via a Travel Agent, or book direct on supplier websites, travel is a time consuming, expensive and frustrating process that could be so much better.

For the first time, gives you access to the same technology that has been helping large corporate organisations across Australasia manage travel, drive huge productivity savings and unlock significant cost savings, since 2007.

There's no contract and no online booking fees - every reason to try it.

  • Book entire trips (flights, hotels, airport transfers and rental cars) in one place 
  • It's completely FREE to make and change bookings online 
  • Access to pay-as-you-use Travel Expert 24x7 - if you need them, giving you all the benefits of having a Travel Agent, but without any of the upfront cost
  • Mobile app that empowers travellers to book and change their own itinerary, within the confines of your businesses travel policy
  • Desktop app for Office Managers (or other) to book on behalf of other people
  • Set up rules to control who can book what e.g. cap hotel spend to $300
  • Set up approval workflow that holds the seat (and fare) until you give it the big tick 
  • Reduce risk of non-compliance with new Health & Safety laws and have visibility into who is where, when
  • Integrate with Xero to streamline the travel invoice reconciliation process

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